Gasatacama Pushes Clean Energy to Expand Chile’s Competitive Power

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Rudolph Araneda, CEO of Gasatacama, presented the trends, benefits, challenges and implications of utilizing renewable energies to expand competitive power in Chile at Kogod’s CEO Leadership Speaker Series Event.

Benefits of Clean Energy

One key concept presented was the tangible and intangible benefits of Chile utilizing clean energy. Tangible advantages can include: lower development costs, price competitive alternatives, reduced carbon footprint, increased employment opportunities, and technology advances.Conversely, intangible advantages can include: a cleaner environment, stakeholder loyalty, and increased public perception.

Possible Challenges

Araneda also highlighted possible challenges. Some included: cost efficient supply, gaining social and political support, promoting efficient use of energy, access to critical infrastructure, and purchasing liquid natural gas (LNG) in the U.S. so gas can become closer to the hub price. Additionally, Araneda emphasized was Chile gaining market control, despite British and Korean gas companies’ dominance.

Profit and Purpose

I reflected on the importance of bridging profit and purpose together in business. After analyzing how Gasatacama is committed to improving society’s carbon footprint all while being profitable, I realized that this concept can be instrumental in order to maintain longevity, consumer loyalty, and good brand reputation in business. Like Gasatacama, I am confident that being transparent about my commitment to profit and purpose will foster rewarding success.

Relevance to International Business

In an effort to present Gasatacama’s plans on hand, it is obvious that Rudolph Araneda understands cross-cultural literacy. It is expected that an understanding of cross-cultural literacy will enable Gasatacama to embrace globalization. Another key concept is the relationship between home and host countries, with Chile being the home country. Through globalization, Chile will be able utilize and extend management know-how to and from host countries. In closing, quite similar to discussing social strata and hierarchies,Gasatacama and Chile are elevating their position within “market strata” hierarchies since British and Korean gas companies have a stronger presence.

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