Poor Customer Service Hurts the Bottom Line


There is nothing worse than poor customer service. Companies often think CRM has to be solely managed through technology and software. Wrong. That is an obsolete view-point. Even more, that is a view-point that will have a company wondering why they are unable to compete in the ever-changing and fickle world of international business 10, 20, or 50 years from now.

Personal CRM is crucial. And it all begins with greeting your customers.  There is no reason why any customer should walk into the brick and mortar form of a company and NOT be greeted.

I became inspired to write this post because I went to the mall yesterday and there were more stores that I entered that failed to greet me than those who did. In particular, most clothing stores that I entered failed to greet. With recent allegations of American clothing brands being accused of child and forced labor and factories collapsing in Bangladesh, not greeting customers should be the last delta that clothing stores need to improve.

To make a case in point, greeting customers needs to be more than just saying “Hi” or complementing a customer in order to increase the chance of a sale. Instead, greeting customers should be a call-to-action or a non-verbal aura that demonstrates:

|Since you walked into our store today, we are willing and able to meet your needs.|

In other words, the customer is willing and able to purchase. Therefore, employees should understand this reciprocal relationship by being willing and able to meet the customers’ needs. 

I can’t explain the numerous times I have observed how employees cherry-pick who they will greet and when they will greet them. Remember that trite idiom: Don’t judge a book by its cover? Yes, that rings loud and clear here! This explains why more companies should hire 3rd party mystery shoppers that hit their stores’ grassroots. In this way, high executives have a front-seat view at the behavior and poor social culture that eventually leads to plummeting profits. 

Eventually, a company that lacks good personal-CRM will experience short-lived longevity, decreased profits, poor customer loyalty and retention, and a wack brand reputation. In this way, negatively impacting a company’s bottom line. Often, companies assume they have reached a plateau when their quarterly revenues top tens and hundreds of millions. But sometimes, they overlook the little things that matter, like excellent and consistent personal-CRM, that could transform tens of millions into tens of billions. WINNING!!!

Copyright © 2013 Destiny Jackson. All Rights Reserved.

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