5 Business Books For Success

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Uber: Public Relations Plan

Addressing Loopholes in Uber’s Driver-Hiring Policies and the Corresponding Reputational Crisis

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Just Checking In. An Update.

An update in regards to my current indulgences, study, and research.

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Video: How to Declutter Your iMovie Library

Learn how to delete projects and events the easy way.

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Destiny Responds to ‘Chipotle Eats Itself’

This article is in response to a long read by Fast Company.

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Video: 20 Tips to Excel in College

Master my strategies to achieving college excellence.

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How To Sign Out the Wordpress iPhone App

A numbered, quick and easy tutorial for you.

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Google CEO Paid $100.5 Million in 2015

Sundar Pichai is one of the world’s highest paid executives.

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